the Ciallmharddoeth

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An ancient counsel of Elves and wizards dating all the way back to the dawn of the first age. The council used to be the pinnacle of wise magical organizations. Once upon a time, those who were part of the Ciallmharddoeth were privy to everything. Kings had advisers from the council, and it was the elves and wizards who made the laws after being consulted by all who would be affected. It was a magnificent order whose likes will never be seen again.

It was into the fourth age when magic in the land began to whither and die that the Ciallmharddoeth began to decline. Seers and wizards did not have the access to the knowledge from the earth they had once had, and elves and forestlings began dying off at a rapid rate, sick from the mana draining from the earth that once kept them alive. Dark Elves (Dwarves) began to recede back into their mountain homes, even less interested in contact on the outside than they were before. It is a sad fact that most of them are dead now as well.

Without the knowledge the earth so freely gave their chosen, the council could not agree on anything. Many of the members, their lives dependent on the earth’s magics, died out, and those left to carry the torch simply disbanded.

Now there are only few who keep the knowledge and try to better and save the world. Sadly, all the have are what writings remained untouched after the scouring of the Coed Nuaed. Which offer very little.

Until you were contact by the Ciallmharddoeth, you had no idea they were ever anything more than a fairy story.

the Ciallmharddoeth

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