Small and slender with emerald eyes and bushy flaming red hair.


Half-elf ranger. NPC


All that is known by her merrymen (other than Percy) is that she was a ward to Airdair and Arianna for a short period of time before the castle was attacked and she fled into the woods. It is known that she was some nobleman’s daughter before she became the next Sparrow of Grindlewood.

Not much is known about Sparrow, she’s about sixteen and was a fled ward of the king and queen. She is one of very few half elves in the world (or so she claims) and is a dedicated protectress of the forest. She knows man and animal as well as the mythical beasts who rule the forest and is a use is a useful guide.

She is determined to see your quest is unhindered by those who would stop you, but as the protector of the forests, she is also bound to return to her home forest, and help other forests in need when asked. She is also leader of the forest merry men. This means this NPC will be “pulling a Gandalf” and leaving you to your own devices quite a bit.


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