Tall, sandy, long hair and patchy beard, blue grey eyes, slender. seventeen or eighteen.


Human fighter. NPC


Percy was a mere farm boy who made friends with Sparrow as children, he was twelve and she was eleven. They were once wards to the King Airdair and Queen Arianna, but after choas swept over the castle they had fled into the woods and joined forces with the merrymen and forestlings of Grindlewood. p. Percy is a human fighter of seventeen, and is the ranger Sparrow’s companion. He and Sparrow along with a band of merry men have been living in the woods outside the Oaled capitol for years and have the ranger, fighter duo have agreed to guide you through the dense island forests, but he has explicitly told you he goes where Sparrow goes. He is one of four NPCs who will help you on and off.

He is impulsive and righteous and when available will do all he can to help you.


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