Long, long ago, the Elves of Talamh Sidhe had prophesied the end of days, when the world would enter into its fifth and final age. A darkness would sweep over the land, devouring all who dwell upon it, and from her ashes would arise a great and terrible empire of the Fear Sgath, who would show no mercy to man, elf or dwarf.

The remaining members of the Ciallmharddoeth, an ancient counsel of elves and wizards, have found that there may yet be a glimmer of hope. According to one of the many prophecies of the Elves, there would be heroes who would prevent the horrid prophecy of destruction from coming to pass by awakening the guardians of the earth, and stopping the servants of the Fear Sgath in their paths.

But the prophecy is unclear, and no one knows who these heroes are. There are none alive among the Elven or men who remember when it was prophesied, and the Elven (elves and dwarves (also known as Dark Elves in this setting) are only few, as most are now long dead as the magic in the world grows weaker and weaker.

It is imperative that the heroes foretold are discovered and that the servants of the Fear Sgath be stopped. A series of signs and intensive research among the Ciallmharddoeth has led them to believe that you are the heroes foretold and the fate of the world has been set in your hands!

The Fifth Age: A World in Decay